How to create an effective email to win over your prospects

Would you send flowers to someone allergic to pollen for their birthday six months after the official date? Of course not! The effect would be disastrous. Even today, many advertisers believe that sending an identical email to their prospects and CRM database has no impact on the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the campaign. Wrong! Not only is the target different, but above all the relationship with the brand is not at all the same.

Be effective with prospects!

When you send an email to prospects, you're addressing people who know little or nothing about your offer. You certainly benefit from a natural notoriety, developed thanks to your history and past actions, but do these people really know your current collections and the breadth or depth of your range?

6 sec
The average time it takes a prospect to read an email.
4 sec
The time it takes to make a decision on a click: only 2 to 4 seconds!
Two little statistics to remind you that the window of effectiveness is short... and precarious!

A first suggestion that should sound like an unbreakable law:
Be concise and punchy!

Easy to say... but in practice, how do you go about it? Dataventure reveals its tricks of the trade with this little memo...

Concise: Limit long descriptions. You need to focus all your attention on a relevant headline that will quickly interest the reader.

Display: Clearly highlight your offer in the 1st third of the creative.

Points of contact : Multiply the points of contact with prospects via numerous Call To Action (CTA) throughout the creative. Make the main CTA stand out too. It should be visible at first glance.

Architecture: The title, offer and main CTA should be placed in the first third of the crea.

Best - sellers! Focus on your leading products if your range is broad and deep.

Limited: Reduce the length of your email.

Engaged: Email is a reflection of your brand, so adopt a tone that's uniquely your own!

And now you can too!

Give the designer a standing ovation! BOOM! It's time for our graphic recommendations. We're going to translate because graphic designers are a bit special in our house, a bit like artists...

1. Adapt your creatives to the target prospect's codes to boost your KPI's

Your product is the star! Show it off.

Promote product visuals, preferably your bestsellers, to illustrate your different universes and collections. This will help prospects immerse themselves in your brand universe and boost response rates. Beware of visuals that are too segmented: it's better to choose visuals that will appeal to a wide audience. Also avoid lifestyle visuals centered on a mannequin or landscape that conceal the product.

Play on variety and scenario.

Vary the product visuals chosen to represent your different ranges according to the news or seasons.

Make the most of adaptation!

Illustrate your different product categories and arrange them according to the interest they represent for web users. The aim is to place those most likely to attract clicks and conversions at the top of the list.

Make yourself understood

Capitalize on your offer, not corporate wording. Drawing attention to your "Sweet Days", "Happy Days" or other internal brand highlights won't evoke anything in the Internet user's mind. A clearly expressed and represented offer will elicit a reaction from the prospect and boost your KPI's.

2. Grab prospects' attention and encourage them to react

Exhaust :

Reduce the amount of information to refocus attention on the important elements (offer/products) and limit the length of creatives.

Increase CTA visibility:

By adopting a color/design that will make them stand out at first glance.

Let's bring out the tricks!

Use animated formats such as gifs or dynamic counters (but take it easy: it's Christmas, so don't use fairy lights), and watch out for video, which can make kits too heavy and land you a one-way ticket to Spam land!

3. Vary the design of your prospect creatives:

Creative side :

Choose different visuals from one campaign to the next, even to illustrate the same offer.

Template side :

Revisit creative structures regularly (at least every 3 months).

Some examples of prospect email creatives



Now you're reaching the right target, with the right message, and what's more... it's beautiful! You've got the perfect prospecting email!

A good way to address a very wide audience, beyond your core target: work with base editors and adapt your creatives (compared to your product-targeted CRM newsletters) to communicate on a global offer and win over a maximum number of prospects and boost your conversion rates.

At Dataventure, we've got plenty of tips to help you boost your KPI's and attract lots of new customers via their mailboxes! In fact, don't hesitate to send us one - you'll see how effective an email can be. The proof: we'll call you right back...

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