Cookie policy: how to track sales and leads from your email campaigns?

Personal data is no longer defined. It used to be a web marketer's Eldorado, but now it's like a Koh Lanta pole vault in tropical rain and a tsunami. As you can imagine, in 2021, a storm is sweeping across our digital island.



AMPP has been implemented, and as if that weren't enough, the new ePrivacy directive has strengthened cookie policy.

But as you know, at Dataventure, we can weather any storm. Here we'll explain how cookies work, what impact they have and, above all, how you can get around this policy while complying with the law.

ePrivacy and GDPR for dummies

Sorry for the adjective, but if these two terms don't mean anything to you, this little reminder will be essential.


How do cookies work?

In form, these are text files (incomprehensible enough for the uninformed, we'll spare you) which are stored on the surfer's device when he visits a website. These files contain information about the surfer and his or her browsing habits. They have several levels of usefulness:

  1. Necessary: mandatory for the proper operation of the site,
  2. Functional: allow you to perform functionalities (e.g. sharing content on social networks, staying connected...),
  3. Statistics: to measure site performance,
  4. Personalization: enables content to be customized according to the user's browsing habits and/or third-party advertising.

What impact does acquisition emailing have?

Do you know Google Analytics, Eulerian and many others? You probably use one of these tools to measure the performance of your advertising campaigns. From now on, if you don't fully accept cookies, they won't be able to identify the actions of your email campaign's prospects.

In this way,the level of activity reported will depend on the level of cookie acceptance set by the targetedInternet users.

This has an impact on the analysis of the operation's performance:

  • Traffic quality KPIs (visits, time spent, bounce rate, etc.)
  • Transformation and conversion KPIs (lead, quote, basket, sales)

Nota Bene: we've developed an email and SMS campaign monitoring platform. Basically, for each campaign we run, we know in real time the volume of unique clicks generated and the budget spent. In reality, it's a lot more complex, but as we have other things to tell you, we'll stay focused on our subject.

Today, between clicks generated via our campaigns and sessions received on site, we observe a loss of between 30% and 60% across all our advertisers. These figures potentially represent as many unidentified conversions. This makes tracking the profitability of a campaign VERY complicated. For the same expenditure, an advertiser can bring in 50% fewer sales or leads.

A campaign's conversion or transformation rates may not be meeting objectives, when in fact it is performing well. How do you continue to analyze KPIs after reading all this?

Our solution for tracking the performance of your acquisition email campaigns

You could apply a ratio based on the estimated cookie acceptance rate on your site. But ratios mean approximate data, and at Adventure we don't like approximate data.

Our technical teams then searched for the best solution and developed an easy-to-implement module that reverts to total sales attribution. This solution complies with 100% of the requirements of ePrivacy, GDPR, CNIL and other acronyms that sometimes scare people in our field. We call it " Tracking S2S ".

S2S tracking

What kind of module name is that? In translation, it's a "server-to-server" tracking system that eliminates the need to place cookies on the surfer's device, by identifying the partner who broadcast the campaign - in this case, us.

It works a bit like multi-cushion billiards where everyone wins:



As you can see, our method makes it possible to avoid the storm.

With S2S tracking, you'll benefit from tracking and attribution of conversions from email acquisition campaigns, without ever passing on personal information about the targeted prospect.

And if you're not familiar with this type of solution, our technical teams can help you set it up. We'll take you all the way to the final! 


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