Lead acquisition, or how to bank on the long term?

Focused on immediate ROI objectives, advertisers often use traffic campaigns for their acquisition campaigns. One-off passion is all well and good. But the prospect of a long-lasting, loyal relationship is better! So why not switch to lead acquisition?

So forget about one-night stands, and think long-term! It's easier than it sounds, and has many advantages.

At Dataventure, we love long-lasting email stories, and we celebrate them in song...

All you lead is love... nice program, isn't it?

Why collect leads?

Because collecting leads is the best way to establish a relationship of trust with your prospects. What better way to hope to convert them into loyal customers? Four points to prove it.

1. The one shot, it's risky!

It's not easy to create a wow effect right from the start of a campaign. And sometimes, the coveted address hasn't converted by that stage... By opting for lead acquisition, you can be sure of a second chance to boost your sales!

Once you've conquered an address, it's up to you to understand it as well as possible so as to hit the nail on the head: dig into the different types of communication, adopt the right segmentation and frequency, and you'll end up transforming your prospect into a customer!

The key word in this technique? PA-TI-EN-CE. A lead-gathering campaign is not meant to be ROÏste at the moment, but heroic in the longer term, between 3 months and 1 year.

2. Take the time to get to know each other...

Get to know your customers' skills, their activities and the triggers for their reactivity. These clues will enable you to refine your segmentation even before integrating them into your customer database.

At the same time, you'll be able to collect more information from data : title, first and last name, postal code... all the information you need to get to know your future customers!

3. An address book is already a small victory!

Even if you don't convert on the first approach, you'll be noticed and your ad will be visible. You generate traffic with every newsletter you send out, which is very beneficial for your reputation.

Your prospect now has plenty of time to get to grips with your brand universe. In other words, he's ready to be tempted into buying a product.

4. Keep in touch !

You've made contact - keep it! Make sure you regularly stimulate your prospects' interest in your products and services, as this will increase the ROI potential of your campaigns.

While lead-gathering campaigns are suitable for all types of advertiser, they are particularly well suited to sectors with very long buying cycles, such as travel.

Four points, two methods to achieve this effectively

There are various ways of collecting leads through affiliate partners.

Here are the 2 main methods:


Include an invitation to subscribe to your newsletter in the body of the email. It contains a pre-filled address field, so all the prospect has to do is click on the CTA to confirm their subscription.

However, be sure to respect GDPR, according to which it is no longer possible to make access to an offer conditional on subscription to a newsletter. Clearly, you can relay your offers and news in your collection emails, but these must be separated from the part devoted to the newsletter.

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